Cattron is a leading provider of intelligent solutions that connect devices, control equipment and protect assets around the world. The company’s systems are trusted in environments where systems absolutely cannot fail. Where every second counts. Where lives and reputations are on the line, each and every day.

Wireless remote control and machine stop solutions enhance the safety and productivity of the movement, control and protection of goods used throughout the material handling operation. Cattron solutions have built-in safety features to meet the critical safety requirements of material handling processes. Wireless control solutions allow for increased mobility and safety of equipment operators by enabling them to complete work from a safer vantage point. In addition, the ergonomic design and wireless convenience adds efficiency and simplifies work processes for operators. Cattron offers a range of solutions from standard configuration, handheld operator control units for simple operations, to expertly designed and customized bellybox-style operator control units for complex operations. Cattron products are used across a variety of markets such as material handling, industrial automation and mobile equipment and can be customized for application specific requirements.


Cattron’s remote control system brands include CattronControl, Remtron and S-Series. Learn more at

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