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Welcome to HUCHEZ
Since 1950, HUCHEZ designs, develops and manufactures, in France, manual, electric, petrol or diesel winches for lifting or pulling/hauling applications.
It is our tradition and our conviction to exclusively design and manufacture our products with the highest quality level, offering the warranty, to our customers and users, of reliability and long operating time.
In its new 4,400sq m factory, located in the north of Paris, the operational excellence is daily implemented by all our employees and throughout manufacturing cycle of our products.
Solutions for every sector: industry, mining and quarrying, engineering & construction, nuclear, agricultural, rail, maritime & river, entertainment, local authorities….
From the simplest winch to the more specific customised and complex equipment, HUCHEZ is systematically solution oriented. This recognised know-how is exported all over the world.

INNOVATION: the main pillar of our business culture
Our innovation strategy enables us to anticipate new market requests and to reinforce our growth dynamic.
Our knowledge of the most varied sectors of activity combined with our mastery of mechanics and automation allow HUCHEZ Engineering to answer to the most complex problems by offering solutions adapted to the customers and users’ needs.

YOUR SATISFACTION: our commitment
Our commercial policy goes far beyond the simple customer-supplier relationship.
Our sales team is, every day, attentive to your needs and those of your customers in order to reach their expectations and assist them in their development.
We offer technical solutions in total compliance with the regulations in force.

The values that drive us have established a climate of trust and loyalty with all our customers, for the best possible experience:
Customer support – Professionalism – Human relations

Our ambition is simple:
To be key partner offering reliable, sustainable, tailor-made, innovative, competitive and added value solutions.

4 rue Michel Hammid
60420 FRANCE

Phone: +33 (0) 344 511 133



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