Ing. Bonfiglioli is an Italian Company established in 1953.  It is worldwide market leader for the manufacturing of equipment for Container Handling and Metal Scrap Recycling.

Our product line includes:

LIFT & GO HANDLING CONTAINER CRANE to load/offload the containers on/from a trailer. It is equipped with an hydraulic power unit for the unloading & offloading operations. It can be loaded on a truck/semi-trailer quickly and be moved to another working yard.

It is compact, easy to transport and does not require any transport permits.

It is available in two configurations: standard for lifting and handling 1 container from the ground and special to stack 2 containers.

TRUCK MOUNTED CRANES with lifting capacity from 2 ton to 35 ton and with boom outreach from 3.5m to 26m

MOBILE BALERS to compact the ferrous and non-ferrous metal scrap into bales.

 MOBILE VERTICAL AND HORIZONTAL SHEARS to shear metal scrap into shorter pieces. Availability of different models up to max 2000 tons shearing force with different cutting length. Our shears do not request any civil works and are fully mobile.

HAMMER MILL SHREDDERS to shred the light metal scrap into ready for the furnace quality. Availability of different models with different output productivity from 10 to 40 ton/hour

They are compact hammer mill shredders with patented system, able to process light mixed scrap, bales, entire vehicles. They are fully automatic and produce first rate output shred material with good density at low operating cost.

Our hammer mill shredders have limited footprint and require very minimal site preparation and inexpensive civil works.


Phone: +39 051 6867214
Fax: +39 0516867222

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