Irwin Car and Equipment

Irwin Car and Equipment is a 125+ year old engineering & manufacturing company specializing in heavy-duty material handling systems and equipment for a wide range of industrial applications.

Irwin designs and builds heavy-duty automated transfer cars and AGV’s for use in steel, aluminum and die handling applications, which can be integrated to operate with automated cranes, warehouse management systems, etc.

Irwin has been manufacturing heavy-duty industrial wheel assemblies as long as we have been in business, and are a recognized go to supplier of crane wheels and crane wheel assemblies, sheaves, bogies and bogie assemblies for gantry cranes and STS cranes, etc. Our dedicated expertise and commitment to having the shortest lead-times in the industry means it our goal to keep your operations on track, and to support you off-the-shelf spares, expert technical service and competitive pricing.

Irwin Car can provide spare wheels and assemblies for all makes and models of overhead bridge, gantry, STS, RMG cranes; and, can work with you to develop solutions to operation problems your equipment may be experiencing.

Irwin also manufactures a wide range of equipment for the metals industry including ladle cars, scrap cars, coil cars, tundish cars, scale cars, self-propelled furnace cars, forge furnace car bottoms, annealing and homogenizing oven cars, industrial locomotives, steerable trailers, semi-automated transporters, under hook scrap buckets, dump buckets, charging buckets, etc.

Irwin also has business units that specialize in underground mining and tunneling equipment, track switch and signaling equipment for light rail, trolley and transit applications across North America, a robust distribution business with warehouses five states to support our customers.

Please send your inquiries to David Fitzpatrick, SVP for any of your material handling needs. Irwin Car is eager to put our experience and expertise to work for you today.

9953 Broadway - Rt. 993 PO Box 409
Irwin PA

Phone: +1 724 864 8900

Contact Person: David Fitzpatrick

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