JMG Cranes S.P.A

JMG Cranes is a global leader in design and manufacturing of electrical mobile battery-operated Pick & Carry Cranes that find application in a wide range of industrial fields.

JMG Cranes offers a wide range of fully innovative and high quality battery-operated mobile Pick & Carry cranes,

with a load capacity from 0.9t to 58t.

The JMG’s Pick & Carry cranes are specially designed to last in time and to have low operative costs. The compactness and the high performance allow to handle heavy loads in narrow spaces. In addition, the powerful battery makes these machines an eco-friendly, low-noise, zero emission and suitable solution for each application field.

To provide the perfect machine for each customer’s need JMG has split its range of Pick & Carry cranes in Lifter from 0.9t, Walk-behind from 2.2t to 2.5t, Radio-remote control from 2.2t to 13t, Cabin cruiser from 4.5t to 58t and Carry-deck from 10t.

JMG Cranes is particularly focused on safety: each model is provided with an electronic load moment indicator system (LMI) and equipped with sound and visual signal devices, complying with to CE regulations.

Since 2010 JMG is also certified ISO 9001:2008 for the “design and production of mobile cranes”.

The electrical mobile JMG Pick & Carry cranes are noiseless, with zero-emission, excellent manoeuvrability and extremely high performances, which make them suitable for any industrial field.

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26100 ITALY

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