Onix Work (Onix AS)

Onix Work is a software platform which allows equipment owners, inspectors, and suppliers to share equipment data and certificates within an all-in-one cloud-based system, available 24/7, both on- and offline. Our software platform has individual benefits for equipment owners, inspectors, and suppliers, but brings the most value to our customers when Onix Work is used in collaborative manner by everyone in the value chain.

With Onix Work and our related smartphone apps and add-ons, everyone who is involved with a single or composite piece of equipment works with the same equipment data. Using RFID and QR code technology with our platform means all equipment data is directly linked to its related piece of equipment and very easily accessible.

– Share equipment data and certificates with equipment owners, inspectors, and suppliers
– Easily produce equipment documentation of high quality
– Supports Norwegian, English, Swedish, Danish, German, Spanish, and Dutch languages
– Complies with most legal frameworks for equipment documentation
– Data available 24/7 including offline
– 25+ years of experience
– 99.9% up time

Our software platform allows our customers to digitize their entire business model, thereby reducing errors, consolidating information, and fostering collaboration for key stakeholders.

Onix AS, the parent company of Onix Work, is based in Stavanger, Norway and has been in operation since 1996. Our customers work in a variety of industries and sectors including lifting and crane operations.

Hillevågsveien 43

Phone: +47 51 63 93 60
Email: sales@onix.com
Website: www.onix.com

Contact Person: Monica Hatlestad


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