Oz Lifting Products LLC

OZ Lifting Products, LLC is headquartered and warehoused in Winona, Minnesota. We have a long standing dedication to excellent customer service and support. We are committed to designing and manufacturing high quality and long lasting lifting products and solutions. Our lifting equipment has been successfully handling material globally for years. We serve many industries including oil, gas, automotive, aviation, construction and mining. Our products have provided safe lifting solutions in demanding applications for over 15 years.

Tested in the USA
At OZ Lifting Products, our customers expect products that have endured advanced testing and rigorous inspection to ensure many years of operation. Our quality control and testing is unmatched. Our products meet and exceed expectations in regards to safety, performance, durability and customer satisfaction. Our products adhere to the ASME, ANSI, AS, OSHA and CE standards keeping you and your equipment safe.

5455 W 6th St.
Winona MN

Phone: +1 507 474 6250
Email: sales@ozliftingproducts.com
Website: www.ozliftingproducts.com

Contact Person: Steve Napieralski


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