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About Rieger & Dietz GmbH u. Co. KG
RUD Ketten Rieger & Dietz GmbH u. Co. KG was founded in 1875 by Carl Rieger and Friedrich Dietz in Aalen, in the Swabian region of Germany. After the retirement of Friedrich Dietz, who had no children, the company came under the sole control of the Rieger family, who very systematically and resolutely expanded the business continuously into the family-run and internationally well positioned business, RUD. Today, the RUD group operates worldwide and, as a Swabian “think tank” with its main production and development facilities in Aalen, offers pioneering solutions for chain systems and components for diverse applications. The RUD family business employs more than 1,700 people in its various production facilities and, above all, its sales offices in more than 120 countries, on all continents, and achieves an annual turnover of over 190 million euros. The company’s mission statement of “Tradition of Dynamic Innovation” reflects the systematically applied innovative strength of a quality and technology leader in its industries, underpinned by numerous awards such as “Top Innovator” and “Hidden Champion”.

RUD Mission: Who we are and what we are doing:
The RUD Group is a dynamic and modern family group, that is active worldwide. Our goal is continuous, profitable growth – with serious consideration for the careful treatment of our natural resources and our environment. We are striving for a clear leadership position with our products and services in our market segments based on organisational and operational excellence.

With over 140 years of experience and, taking round steel chains as a basis, we develop future-oriented solution concepts with chain systems and components in diverse forms and for a wide range of applications.



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