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At Tele Radio we are experts on safe wireless and radio remote control. Our main business areas are within industry, industrial-, lift, mobile-, doors, gates and barriers applications. We also offer remote controls for hydraulic machinery.

With more than 65 years of experience, we have solid knowledge and experience in radio control systems. Our mission is to provide end-to-end product solutions, technologies, and services in the field of wireless equipment control and machine communication, where reliability and safety are the key decisive factors.

We offer a wide range of wireless products, from small keychain transmitters to the most robust, safe and advanced waistband solutions that are tailor-made for your application. Many Tele Radio products apply to the highest safety standards (CAT3, PLd, SIL3, PLe) independently certified by notified bodies. You can rely on the safety of our products.

Our service and sales is covered by a global network of subsidiaries, partners and dealers in more than 40 countries. Over half of the countries is served by companies owned by Tele Radio. We can help you to find the best wireless solution, we can support you with customization of the hardware and software, take care of the installation of your system, repairs and replacements. All around the globe you can count on us. That is our added value. That’s why we are SAFE, SMART and STRONG. Tele Radio is a partner you can trust.



Panther: adapt to 95% of all cranes and lifting applications. You can even control two cranes independently or in tandem with a single transmitter. With pushbuttons, no feedback, safety level up to CAT3/PLd, 2.4 GHz worldwide used frequency, up to 500 meters of range. Available as handheld in three versions, small, medium and large).

Tiger: for standard and complex lifting applications. With a wide variety of layouts also customizable. With feedback and (proportional) push buttons or joysticks, safety level up to SIL3/PLe, 433 MHz/915 MHz / 2,4 GHz, up to 1.000 meters of range. Handheld (medium and large) and waistband.

Puma: designed for hydraulic and mobile applications. Latest technology like RFID, BUS system, active antenna. Fully customizable switchboard, feedback, safety level up to SIL3/PLe, 2,4 GHz worldwide used frequency, up to 1.000 meters of range, waistband transmitters in two sizes.

Tele Radio offices:

  • Australia Melbourne
  • Australia Perth
  • Brasil
  • China
  • Croatia
  • Export
  • Finland Helsinki
  • Finland Vanta
  • France
  • Germany (North)
  • Germany (South)
  • India
  • Netherlands
  • Norway
  • Poland
  • Russia
  • Spain
  • Sweden (Stockholm)
  • Sweden (Gothenburg)
  • Switzerland
  • Turkey
  • United Kingdom
  • United States (Miami)
  • United States (Minnesota -Proportional Hydraulic Division)


Datavägen 21
43632 SWEDEN

Phone: +46 31 748 5460


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