03/01/2011 - 04:00 am

Bridgestone Americas Supplies Telehandler Tires to JLG

JLG Industries, McConnellsburg, Pa., has signed an exclusive agreement with Bridgestone Americas Tire Operations, Off Road Tire division to supply Firestone DuraForce MH tires on JLG-, Lull-, and SkyTrak-brand telehandlers.

The two companies worked together for three years to develop the telehandler-specific tires. Before now, telehandlers used grader tires.

Available in two sizes—370/75-28 and 400/75-28—the products were field and internally tested by JLG and Firestone. The low-profile tire design minimizes the opportunity for sidewall damage because the rim edge and tire sidewall are in the same plane. A molded-in wear strip and thicker sidewall material also makes the sidewall less susceptible to damage. A deeper tread, less crown in the middle of the tire tread, and a unique compound provide up to three times more tread life than other tires on the market. The Firestone DuraForce MH also features lower heat buildup.

The self-cleaning tread coupled with low ground-bearing pressure improves traction and optimizes performance in rough-terrain conditions. Fewer tire and rim combinations mean fewer parts to stock and reduced inventory-carrying costs for JLG distribution. The two models replace the 13.00×24, 15.5×25, 14.00×24, and 17.5×25 models, and the tires are uni-directional, meaning purchasing left and right tires are not required.

“JLG and Bridgestone Americas Off Road collaborated to create the Firestone DuraForce MH that will set a new industry standard by increasing tire life up to 300 percent," said Brian Boeckman, JLG Industries global director of product management for telehandlers. “The result is a tire that dramatically improves the cost of ownership for all three telehandler brands.”

On JLG telehandlers, there is a five-year warranty on pneumatic tires, and a two-year warranty on foam-filled tires. The tires will be standard on all JLG telehandlers. According to Bridgestone, these tires are also available for aftermarket purchase for telehandlers other than the JLG brand.

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