01/07/2014 - 16:53 pm

Danfoss Reverse Displacement Motor Changes Direction of Operation | Industry News

Danfoss' new Reverse Displacement Motor (RDM) is an open-circuit piston motor that can reverse its direction of operation on the fly without external valves. The RDM can simplify hydraulic circuits for fan drives and other applications while using 10% less power and cutting total system cost by an average of 15%.

The RDM is built on the efficiency and reliability of the Danfoss L/K axial piston motor. The compact motor features a 12V integrated proportional shifting valve that allows smooth, on-the-go reversing using system pressure. Its design eliminates the need for additional components, cost, and pressure losses from the external valves and pressure needed by typical reversing solutions.

Complementary to the Danfoss Series 45 open-circuit axial piston pumps, PLUS+1microcontrollers, and DP700 PLUS+1 mobile machine displays, the RDM is ideal for fan drive systems in Tier 4 construction, forestry, and agricultural equipment.

The RDM's ability to reverse direction lets a fan blow out trapped dirt and debris in order to restoring cooling efficiency. Danfoss fan-drive packages including the RDM can be tuned to meet the unique cooling requirements of Tier 4 equipment applications.

In addition to fan drives, the RDM is well-suited for a full range of applications with the need for reversing capability, including conveyors, auger boring machines, and directional drills.

In fan drive applications, the RDM is designed to protect the equipment. In the event of a controller or electrical failure, the fault position of the motor is biased to maximum forward speed, enabling the fan to maintain the integrity of the cooling system on the machine.

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