11/05/2020 - 16:46 pm

First SPX1280 in the UAE lands in Dubai

The first 8t SPX1280 minicrane from Jekko has arrived in the UAE for the first time and has just been delivered to Jekko’s dealer AJI Heavy Equipment Rental in Dubai. AJI, which will soon also take delivery of a SPX532, runs a young and diverse fleet of close to 500 units in the UAE consisting of a full range of powered access, minicranes and cleaning equipment.

“We have been eagerly awaiting the SPX1280 as it brings a new dimension into the market, we saw it was the outrigger footprint and flexibility which truly set it apart from its competitors, when we placed our order at launch last year. We have a couple of interesting projects lined up for the unit and can’t wait to get it on site,” says AJI’s general manager Dean Jones.

SPX1280 was officially presented at the end of 2019 and has already been a great success. The versatile minicrane is the biggest in the SPX line and reaches 26.6m in height (with jib) and combines a stabilisation system, sensor technology, software and a new user interface to accommodate a wide range of worksites and situations.

The core of this crane is its new stabiliation system and the hydraulic jib with three extensions that can be stowed either under or on the side of the main boom. The new hydraulic system allows smoother and more precise operation for a greater feeling of control for the operator. This 100% electronically-operated supply system has been enhanced to offer new functions such as simultaneous jib extension and arm lifting; smooth, high performance tracks and operation combining four functions at a time.

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