19/03/2012 - 04:00 am

Monorail Manufacturer’s Association Debuts New Logo and Product Guide

The Monorail Manufacturer’s Association (MMA) recently introduced a newly designed logo to better reflect the range of solutions provided by member companies. MMA members are the leading manufacturers of patented and enclosed track workstation cranes and monorail systems. The new design makes the organization name more prominent and easier to identify. In addition, the use of the “hook in motion” helps visualize the movement of goods monorail solutions provide manufacturing or distribution facilities.

MMA is a key driver of safety standards related to monorail products used throughout industry.  Members of MMA voluntarily choose to conform to ANSI MH27.1 – 2009 and MH27.2 – 2009, and developed an MMA-Certified program, open to all manufacturers of patented and enclosed track underhung cranes and monorail systems, to promote confidence in those marked products and in the manufacturers providing that product.It indicates that the marked products meet or exceed ANSI Standards MH27.1 or MH27.2, as applicable. This MMA-Certified program is a registered asset of MMA and is offered under license to members and non-members who are proven to meet these requirements.  The MMA-Certified logo has also changed to reflect the new design.

MMA Product Guide

To further promote safety and the proper selection, application, and usage of monorail solutions, MMA has created a Product Guide to help explain basic crane and monorail terminology and how to choose the right equipment for a facilities’ unique needs. 

This Product Guide is available on the MMA Web site for free viewing and download. Visit www.mhia.org/mma to view the Product Guide, learn more about the MMA-Certified program, or to find a list of member companies.

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