12/11/2020 - 13:33 pm

Pintsch Bubenzer completes $6million US stock investment

Pintsch Bubenzer USA has invested $6million in brake stock at its New Jersey headquarters, $750k of which is dedicated to an electric motor and gearbox mounted quick-ship program.

The investment in product at the company’s US headquarters in Flemington is specifically focused on electric motor and gearbox manufacturers in key target markets such as steel, wind, wood yard and pulp, and offshore and marine, in addition to the ubiquitous electric overhead traveling (EOT) crane and hoist sector.

Joel Cox, president at Pintsch Bubenzer USA, said, “We are focusing more on bringing parts of manufacturing to the USA in certain markets, and having a modular product and offering quick solutions to service, resellers and OEMs [original equipment manufacturers] was important to us. This year we had increased our stock in house of spare parts, complete brakes, drop in units, discs and hubs, and thrusters. We had typically kept about $3m for those things and noticed that demand had increased and our customers were wanting quicker deliveries versus waiting on Germany lead and delivery times.”

The investment covers both IEC and NEMA mounting configurations, essentially the standards for European and North American mounting, bolt pattern and keyway, and shaft sizing respectively. Stock also includes the company’s KFB and SFB brakes. The KFB units, available in an ATEX version, cover all sizes from 33Nm to 1600Nm; they have hand release levers and minimal adjustments over a lifetime. They are standard in IP67. SFB, meanwhile, is one of the company’s flagship models that inspired its much larger twin safe brakes. SFB units are renowned for no maintenance, are popular on hoisting applications, and are also known for being offshore and military approved.

Cox said, “Many times, gearbox manufacturers will want a brake with minimal overhung load and/or a sealed brake to make a close-fitting, robust unit. The KFB and SFB are designed to attached via IEC or NEMA type mounting patterns. We also offer custom mounting as well with hidden mounting holes under cover or external mounting for easy access.”

The electric motor and gearbox mounted quick-ship program will be championed by Mike Sparks, regional sales manager, who brought a wealth of sales expertise to Pintsch Bubenzer USA 20 months ago, principally related to EOT cranes.

Cox said, “After I initiated this large order Mike was the perfect champion of the product and to bring the vision to fruition. He has done very well handling this product portfolio and, coming from a competitor in the motor / gearbox industry, he keeps us grounded to the desires of challenging markets and what areas to be improved upon. We launched [the stock investment] to the team internally this week and much excitement is brewing about the initiative.”

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