07/04/2015 - 18:48 pm

Raymond adds new products to its warehouse solutions portfolio

The Raymond Corporation introduced end-to-end warehouse solutions at ProMat 2015 to help customers “run better” and “manage smarter” through greater visibility of facility and material handling functions.

“Raymond’s latest innovations address common challenges, such as maximizing facility space, increasing storage capacity, reducing order fulfillment errors, improving operational efficiencies, and refining analyses of maintenance and repair costs,” said Tim combs, president of sales and marketing. “Our objective is to help our customers face these challenges head on with impactful solutions that push the envelope on productivity, efficiency and ROI.”

The new products, services, and solutions includes Pick2Pallet LED light system, which is designed to help eliminate or reduce picking errors by using LED technology to visually reinforce product placement for order fulfillment in batch picking applications. It maximizes operator productivity by directing operators where to place product — enabling them to quickly move to the next pick with confidence. When used in tandem with the Raymond double-fork pallet feature, it can increase product throughput.

Another product is the Model 9800 Swing-Reach truck, which is engineered to triple pallet capacity in existing square footage by reaching heights of 40 to 50 feet in narrow aisle storage facilities. Its advanced lift system with regenerative lowering reduces energy use by 40% per lift cycle. A unique articulated steering system increases maneuverability and frees up space for additional storage locations.

Additionally, Raymond introduced the RadioShuttle, a  load-carrier system designed to maximize warehouse volume by offering high-density storage with individual storage rack access. Through remote control units, the system reduces damage to goods and the rack itself by moving pallets through storage tunnels prior to being picked.

Raymond also updated the iWarehouse Gateway reporting user interface to combine telematics data, the iTrack to organize data from multiple providers into one data report, invoice, or work order; and the iBattery to provide accurate state of charge during forklift operation.  

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