19/05/2015 - 11:01 am

Synthetic rope benefits mobile crane users

Crane design and technology continues to advance yet traditional wire rope has largely remained the same for decades.

Manitowoc Cranes has collaborated with Samson, a leading synthetic rope provider, on the development of the first synthetic rope designed specifically for mobile cranes. The result is KZ-100, a synthetic rope that provides durability, cost-savings and functionality.

Samson has leveraged fibre, coating, and rope construction technology from the multiple industries it serves to create KZ-100. Designed specifically for use on mobile cranes, KZ-100 hoist rope features high strength-to-weight ratio, bend fatigue durability, and robust spooling capabilities.

The combination of high-performance synthetic fibres provides strength similar to wire rope with more than an 80% reduction in weight. The high strength of these high-performance fibres allows the rope to meet the maximum line-pull requirements with a 5:1 safety factor. A proprietary coating has been added to KZ-100 to improve rope performance in cyclic bend over sheave applications inherent on mobile cranes.

The physical structure of KZ-100 also contributes to its performance characteristics. The rope construction provides a firm cross section that enables efficient multi-layer spooling, significantly reduces load spin, bird caging, and limits permanent damage due to improper spooling. The result is a crane hoist line that is easy and safe to handle/reeve, more durable for spooling, and can reduce weight in the overall system

Manitowoc says that KZ -100 offers many benefits over wire rope: it’s easier to handle for reeving and installation, saving you time and injuries.  You need fewer change-outs because of kinking, bird caging or diving. The braided, torque-neutral construction significantly reduces load spin, which improves safety. It’s durable and doesn’t suffer bend fatigue like wire rope improving its overall longevity. KZ-100 is made of non-metallic fibres, so it will not rust and has significantly lower conductivity than wire rope

The product name KZ-100 was chosen to honour Karim Ziyad. He was the pioneering Manitowoc engineer who collaborated with Samson to develop the use of synthetic hoist ropes. Karim passed away in a bicycling accident in 2013.

Video: http://www.samsonrope.com/Pages/Cranes.aspx#lifting

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