01/09/2020 - 13:09 pm

Pre-engineered Spanmaster enclosed workstation crane systems

TC/American Crane Company has launched the Spanmaster pre-engineered, enclosed track, workstation cranes.

Available in both freestanding and ceiling mounted designs, Spanmaster systems have a capacity range from 250lb to 4400lb. Most importantly, Spanmaster combines an ergonomic enclosed track bridge with a non-proprietary wide-flange or other runway systems and a range of motion features.  TC/American Crane Company says that when compared to its competitors’ systems, Spanmaster offers longer standard bridge lengths and runway support centres. Standard bridge lengths can be up to 38ft 6in and standard runway support centres are cataloged up to 40ft (longer support centers are available depending on the system requirements).

Spanmaster’s patented oscillating, articulating and pivoting end truck design provides a freedom of movement not possible with rigid end trucks.  This range of motion allows Spanmaster bridges to move freely along the length of the runway, no matter the position of the load on the bridge.

Notable Spanmaster features include:

  • Range Of Motion Advantages: Spanmaster uses a fixed runway beam with an oscillating, articulating and pivoting bridge made possible with patented Spanmaster end trucks. These end trucks feature a ball pivot and U-hanger lower pivot, which significantly reduce operator effort to move the load (as low as 100 to 1).
  • Industry Leading End Approach: Spanmaster articulating end trucks, unlike rigid end trucks, do not require a longer wheelbase with longer span cranes to resist binding.  The largest end truck (4400lb capacity) has an overall length of 9.35in, which allows high performance and end approach.
  • Articulating End Trucks; Spanmaster end trucks are available in several different models to fit the desired capacity and beam flange width. Designed to run on non-proprietary wide flange beams, the end trucks are adjustable to accommodate various sized runway flange widths. They feature steel or resin wheels with steel side guide rollers for longevity and ease of use.  

Dustin Krauth, regional sales manager for TC/American says, “We designed the Spanmaster crane systems to be an easier and more cost-effective solution for a wide range of applications. From packaging and shipping areas, to manufacturing work cells and repair and maintenance facilities, Spanmaster workstation cranes provide a productive solution. These systems provide greater design flexibility, and in addition, they can easily be used on existing runway systems.”

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