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Gebuwin was founded in 1947 by the brothers Buunk in Winterswijk, the Netherlands. Since 1965, the company is owned by the Siertsema family. We, Robert and Alan Siertsema, belong to the fourth generation of Gebuwin owners and with that, we feel the responsibility to continue Gebuwin in the best way possible. After all, Gebuwin has a rich history when it comes to products and customers. We want to keep Gebuwin’s historical values and besides that, continue to innovate without losing sight of these values. Growing up, we heard a lot from what was going on at Gebuwin through family, customers and colleagues. There are three core values that have proven to be important to Gebuwin, namely: quality, customer orientation and innovation. These core values form an important vision that we want to continue at Gebuwin.


Gebuwin manufactures products designed to move (heavy) loads. Moving loads always entails safety risks. For this reason, it is essential that our products can cover this risk, this calls for high quality products. Your trust in our product is very important to Gebuwin. The entire production process is in our own hands, which ensures a high quality assurance. All raw materials originate from Europe and everyone at Gebuwin is fully qualified and have all necessary certificates. Gebuwin is therefore ISO9001 certified.


Our standard products have proven themselves over the past years thanks to the continuous technical developments made by our engineers in order to meet the demands of our customers as best as possible. Besides the development of our standard products, we invest a lot in new products specifically aimed at certain industries. For example we have developed a winch for the marine and theatre industry, with specific features for these high demanding industries. Besides developing new winches for specific industries, we are strong at customising hand and- or electric winches from very simple to complex adjustments. Read more here.

Customer orientation

We believe that we can make a difference with our products, but above all we believe that we can make the biggest difference in our commitment to our customers. We understand that companies may have different needs. Some require speed and flexibility while others need patience and formality. We tailor our customer approach to the individual needs of our customers. At Gebuwin, we believe this is essential.

We hope that we were able to introduce you to the world of Gebuwin; a beautiful company that has been leading in lifting products for more than 75 years. Should you have any questions or a need for advice, please contact us.


Headquarters Industrieweg 6
7102 DZ Wintersw NETHERLANDS

Phone: +31 (0) 543 532 600

Contact Person: Alan Siertsema

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