BladeLifter takes on longest rotor blades

Due to its enormous performance reserves, the fourth generation Scheuerle BladeLifter allows all fleet operators to have a high level of investment security as well as economic efficiency and offers transport safety even when moving the longest rotor blades. The Steil Kranarbeiten company has used this solution for numerous last-mile transport of rotor blades up […]

16/04/2024 - 16:39 pm

Safer, faster and more cost-efficient wind turbine blade replacement

The wind energy market demands constant innovation from its supply chain, as Crosby Airpes’s craneless wind turbine rotor blade exchange system proves.   As wind farm operators meet unprecedented demand for new turbines, they must also maintain installed towers, nacelles, and other components. Central to that work is the removal and replacement of rotor blades, […]

24/05/2022 - 12:18 pm

DLM weighs turbine blades at MHI Vestas

Dynamic Load Monitoring (UK) Ltd. (DLM), of Southampton, UK has provided a wireless weighing solution for MHI Vestas Offshore Wind’s facility at nearby Fawley. MHI Vestas needed an accurate way of measuring the weight of their 80m long turbine blades (the length of nine London buses back-to-back) at both the root and the tip upon […]

02/02/2021 - 13:43 pm

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