LHI Jan/Feb 2022

In this month’s issue

Dan Jenkins looks at how IPAF is driving data gathering of accidents and near-misses involving MEWPs to further reduce risk.

The Insider, Steve Napieralski, president at Oz Lifting reflects on the unique dichotomy of the current period.

One of the specialities of Turkish manufacturer, BVS Cranes, is in the developing port solutions, the company shares some of its developments.

Andrew Smith, director of marketing product management at Crown Equipment Corporation describes why forklift seat design is important for productivity and safety.

In Face Time,  new LEEA chairman, Kat Moss, lays out her ambitions for Lifting Equipment Engineers Association addressing technology and training.

Future Focus: Enerpac’s EVO System will be used to lift the tokamak magnets into place in the ITER fusion device in 2024.





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