LHI June 2020

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Add your voice to the sound of the crowd and celebrate your industry on 9 July with #GLAD20.

Look to the Future: Technology is developing more rapidly today than perhaps any other period in our history. How might it shape the machines and business models of the future? Dan Jenkins finds out.

Evolution chain; Michael J Gelskey Sr, the CEO and founder of Lift-It Manufacturing Co discusses the advances in load handling and the vital importance of following best practice.

Modern technology supports ancient exhibit technology: Rigging specialist, Chicago Flyhouse has custom built hoists for supporting 28USt at The Field Museum of Chicago. The installation includes cable management solutions made with an energy chain from igus.

S-series reinvents the benchmark: Konecranes’s has developed a new crane system with a focus on synthetic rope.

FACE TIME: A world view: LEEA chairman, Richard Money, shares a global vision.

LEEA Ubiquitous Cinderella: Ross Moloney says its time to come out of the shadows.

THE INSIDER Building on strengths: Jon Backes on lessons learned during the crisis.

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