LHI May 2023

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The 2023 Leadership Issue – Sustainability – Lifting for a greener future.

Eminent members of the lifting industry share their insight and strategies for a sustainable business.

The Crosby Group is making great strides in its goal towards sustainability, the company shares it’s actions.

Embracing environmental issues and modern technology, Richard Crake of Pacific Hoists talks to Maria Hadlow about what can be achieved when you turn challenges to your advantage.

Mary Lee Shalvoy, of CM Labs Solutions, describes the real and positive impact that simulation training can have on the sustainability of port terminals.

What are MEWP manufacturers doing to raise the bar on sustainability? Dan Jenkins reports.

Report from IPAF Summit and IAPA winners.

Kat Moss, chairman of the LEEA board, explains the challenges behind delivering the  Lifting Equipment Technician apprenticeship standard.

Logimat review was back to its bustling best this year and the lifting industry was out in force once again. Dan Jenkins reports from Stuttgart.

Maria Hadlow talked to Franck Lethorey of the Manitou Group about third edition of ‘On the Way Up’ an inclusive annual live broadcast that reflects on the company’s CSR goals.

A team’s ability to have respectful, meaningful conversations is a cornerstone of healthy company culture, says, The Insider, Steve Napieralski, of Oz Lifting.

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