May 2020

The May Leadership Issue

In these unusual times LHI brings you a Special Leadership Issue, which draws upon the experience of eminent industry members to inspire, motivate, counsel and advise on navigating a path through the COVID-19 crisis and out the other side.

Ross Moloney CEO of the Lifting Equipment Engineers Association (LEEA) recommends being light on your feet and adapting plans quickly when circumstances change.

Mario Ramos, vice president of Global Product Development at Columbus McKinnon on providing personalised customer communication and support in a time of social distancing.

Tim Misson, Lead Consultant at Sales Engine says that it may not be business and usual – but as companies navigate these uncharted waters they can focus on Selling Beyond the Crisis.

COVID-19 presents huge health and safety challenges for the MEWP industry, along with a threat to business resilience. Dan Jenkins finds some heart-warming stories among the hard times – and some inspiring examples of leadership.

Robert Desel, chief executive officer of The Crosby Group talks about supporting critical infrastructure during times of disruption.

There’s nothing wrong with marketing your way through a crisis — or pandemic — but the tone of messages has got to be right. By Richard Howes

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