25/06/2019 - 11:34 am

A-Safe Launches Alarm Bar to Protect Overhead Assets

Baltimore, USA-based A-Safe Inc, a manufacturer of protective guarding for warehouses, distribution centres and manufacturing facilities has launched the Alarm Bar, a tubular product that actively responds to impact to protect overhead assets from moving vehicles, such as forklift trucks.

Like other products in the A-Safe range, the Alarm Bar is made from A-Safe’s Memaplex material, the company’s patented blend of eight materials and rubber additives that, practically, absorbs impact without causing or incurring damage. The bar is just over 6ft long (78.75in) and has a diameter of 5.125in. These are standard dimensions, although bespoke systems are available if ordered in bulk. The lightweight, 28lb. Alarm Bar is easily installed, hung from two thin cables towards either end.

The Alarm Bar is already in operation in a number of facilities including Lowes, Michelin, Ford, Tyson Foods, Boston Beer, Walmart, and Nissin Foods.

The product is self-powered, with 1a 2V battery providing more than two years of constant power. Audio and visual alarms alert the operator of contact; two 102dB buzzers sound (the equivalent of a car horn 1m away) for 20 seconds after impact and light-emitting diodes (LEDs) display two red flashing indicator strips that span the length of the bar, lasting for 40 seconds.

Paul Barlow, CEO at A-Safe, says, “The product is suited to any facility where there is a restriction on height and potential damage can be caused by impacts in the absence of a robust height warning system. The product safeguards doorframes, loading docks, infrastructure, and overhead walkways, as well as key safety assets such as sprinkler systems and ventilation pipes. It can be installed where no barriers are currently in place or where an existing height restrictor is not active or, in other words, it doesn’t feedback to the user beyond the physical impact.

 “It’s a great replacement for applications that are currently using basic painted steel tubes, which are often heavy and require secondary redundant hanging systems in case the primary system fails, or replacement for existing polymer solutions that provide no active alert response upon impact. At just 28lb, an Alarm Bar isn’t going to cause significant injury if it were to fall and requires no additional electrical supply.”

Features include a shock-absorbing casing, created from the memaplex material, offering high-strength durability, flexibility, and crack resistance. The bar’s yellow colour is UV-stabilised for, fade resistance and long-lasting visibility. It is suited for use in temperatures ranging from +41°F to 122°F. The Alarm Bar doesn’t swing in wind and resets itself after impact.

A-Safe is offering the Alarm Bar directly to end users and through its Guardrail range of ‘boxed products’, principally aimed at the reseller/distributor marketplace.




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