02/05/2016 - 23:54 pm

Access Control Group Now Offers SMARTIE Bluetooth Sensor for Flooded Batteries

Access Control Group has introduced the SMARTIE, a Bluetooth electrolyte level and temperature sensor for flooded batteries. Prolonged periods of low water and over temperature conditions can lead batteries to perform poorly and reduce their useful life. These two conditions are recorded with date and time for warranty validation. Also, alarm data can be easily downloaded with the free Android app.

With information on battery issues at their fingertips, users can now take timely action and make significant difference in battery fleet uptime and life. SMARTIE’s on-demand watering feature gives service providers actionable insight on when to water batteries so they can prioritize their service trips. A rugged tablet is securely mounted in the battery charging area and provides up to the minute data and list of batteries in need of watering. SMARTIE can send this watering report and alarm history via email to the desired stakeholders.

Access also now offers the VITAL, a web-based hour meter tracking system to capture up to four types of hour meter readings. It can even shut off equipment engines if idling to save fuel costs and improve air quality. It can also track physical location by GPS, which lets fleet managers know how many assets are at each location as well as how many are being used.

Since hour meter reading is the heart of mobile asset management, facility and fleet managers can use Vital for data-driven decisions for increased productivity, improved utilization and lower total cost of operations. Fleet maintenance planning is often based on hour meter readings, which require collecting readings on scattered fleet. It is expensive, time consuming yet inaccurate and still needs manual entry into businesses’ fleet management systems.  When technicians are scarce, they should be performing repairs and not chase their fleet to read hour meters. 

SMARTIE  and Vital are two of several telematics solutions offered by Access. The end-to-end cloud platform AssetPro 360 empowers asset owners (of virtually any plant equipment) for lifecycle management and optimization. The platform can be integrated with the clients’ ERP (such as SAP), CMMS (such as EBIS), EAM and WMS and can offer unprecedented visibility across the enterprise so informed decisions can be made, proactively. The advanced telematics technology, price-to-performance ratio, two-year warranty, and the flexibility to pay only for the functions needed offers clients compelling solutions.

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