31/07/2014 - 18:08 pm

Airpes Eagle System for Overhead Cranes Promoted by Digital Video


Catalan lifting equipment manufacturer Airpes has produced a video to communicate the benefits of its Eagle system, called “the brain for your industrial crane” by Josep Compte, the managing director of the Barcelona-based firm.

Eagle is an electronic limiter designed to enhance safety and productivity when using cranes. It provides software for multi overload control, anti-collision systems, access points, SWP controllers and control safety for tandem cranes.

Eagle ensures a safe working environment, avoiding possible collisions and it can be installed on new or existing lifting equipment.

Compte said: “We started with the Eagle project two and half years ago, and finally after many tests, prototypes and hard work, we were able to introduce our first units at CeMAT [in May 2014].”

Eagle works through a digital load cell signal and CANbus communication. It provides information about the number and duration of lifts and records the last 500 overloads and alarm activations, offering support to service and maintenance activity.

“The anti-collision system controls the position of different cranes at the same time,” explained Compte. “It prevents a collision between cranes working in the same building, even if they are installed on different levels”.

He added that the Eagle‘s tandem control system can maintain communication with four cranes at the same time. “That means that when one of the cranes is on tandem mode and is activated, the safety of all the cranes is connected on the same network,” he said.

Anti-sway technology is expected to be introduced to Eagle capabilities towards the end of 2015.

The video marketing concept is available on the company’s YouTube page and website.

“Video is one of the most powerful tools to communicate with our targets nowadays,” Compte said. “We can explain in a graphic and easy way the capabilities of our solutions. It is an effective ‘show and tell’ medium to communicate what we do and why it is important.

“We produce videos to be watched in different situations for people around the world. It is easier to read than to understand a voiceover, and it is proven that our memory of what we read is higher that what we hear.”

A smartphone app compatible with the Eagle technology has been available for two years and is already used by Airpes customers around the world.

The Eagle video was embedded in the Airpes advertisement on p22 of the July/August edition of LHI.

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