03/01/2023 - 14:41 pm

AITT reports strong growth

The UK’s fastest growing accrediting body for the training of operators of workplace transport equipment has reported strong growth throughout 2022.

As the only membership-run accrediting body in its sector, AITT managing director Liam Knight believes it is the most effective way to deliver and maintain the highest training standards for operators, instructors, tutors and examiners.

“Results for the year provide strong evidence that the industry appreciates the approach, with more than 10% growth in our membership,” said Knight. “At the same time, and in spite of an acute shortage of operators and instructors in the workplace transport sector, we have seen the number of AITT-accredited operator registrations increase by a massive 68% in the past two years.”

Asked for the underlying reasons for these results, Knight explained: “We have a very experienced and stable support team that work particularly closely with both our members and providers. They are very supportive and respond exceptionally quickly to any queries or requests.

“We are also very proactive in seeking ways we can improve our service, systems and materials. Indeed, we are just finalising our annual member survey which is highly effective in helping us identify and implement areas for improvement.

“Looking ahead, next year promises to be one of our busiest, with a number of initiatives designed to help our providers work more easily, more efficiently and more cost-effectively than ever.

“At the same time, as part of the ABA, we will be rolling out a series of important changes to the categories of materials handling equipment and are already working on ways to minimise disruption for everyone involved in the training process.”

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