26/04/2013 - 14:12 pm

Åkerströms Signs Agreement to Supply Remote Controls to Brazil

Swedish control specialist Åkerströms Björbo AB has signed a partnership agreement with Brazilian firm Choice Tech for distribution of industrial and mobile radio control systems in the Brazilian market. The distribution agreement opens the way for Åkerströms to enter the market in Brazil and follows the company’s international expansion strategy.


In the partnership agreement, Choice Tech will include the full range of Åkerströms radio control products in its product portfolio. These include products for radio remote control of industrial cranes.


“Our strategy is to grow internationally through distributors. Choice Tech is an ideal distribution partner for Åkerströms in Brazil,” said Mikael Nilsson, export manager, Åkerströms Björbo.


Choice Tech was founded in 2005 to supply high quality, smart solutions for safety and industrial automation for cranes, lifts and mobile applications to the Brazilian market. Today the company has 25 employees whereof 14 are external sales staff. Its head office is located in Curitiba, Brazil.


“This opportunity to offer radio control systems to existing customers allows us to expand and strengthen our position in the market,” said Flavio Fachi, owner and head of sales, Choice Tech. “We are creating a dedicated team for Åkerströms to support our sales people and customers. In fact, we have already hired a product manager with a long background in radio control. He chose to join us and to work with Åkerströms radio control systems because of their solid, well-known reputation and their high quality, robust products,” added Fachi. “Our goal for 2013 is to sell Åkerströms radio control products to the 30 largest industries in Brazil.”


“Brazil is a gigantic, rapidly growing market with a massive need for radio remote control,” said Mikael Nilsson. “Our Swedish designs are solidly made to be robust, ergonomic and highly functional. We have now a great opportunity to grow in the Brazilian market together with Choice Tech.”

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