10/04/2013 - 16:45 pm

American Crane Facility Expansion Nears Completion

American Crane & Equipment Corporation, a manufacturer of overhead cranes and hoists, has completed phase one of its two phase expansion, financed by PNC Bank with engineering provided by Boyer Engineering.


The first phase of construction includes a 2,500 square foot engineering addition with 11 cubicles and three offices. The buildings are energy and space efficient, utilizing motion activated lighting and dual monitors with adjustable arm mounting. 


The second phase of the project involves the construction of a 43,000 square foot manufacturing facility. This new building will be used for shipping and receiving, load testing, equipment assembly and storage.


The projected expansion was presented to the Amity Township Board in July 2012. The Township’s guidance and cooperation enabled the engineering addition (phase one) to be completed on schedule by December 2012 and the manufacturing building (phase two) will also be completed on schedule by September 2013.


In addition to American Crane & Equipment Corporation‘s corporate headquarters, located in Douglassville, Pennsylvania, the company has two other Pennsylvania locations and one in South Carolina. As a custom crane supplier specializing in engineered products for aerospace, commercial nuclear, DOE nuclear, oil and gas, and automated systems, American Crane is known for tackling unique critical lift applications. The company also stocks a large inventory of spare parts and standard equipment.

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