17/03/2011 - 04:00 am

Applied Machinery Introduces New Compact Crane Lines to U.S. Market

Garth McGillewie, president of Applied Machinery Sales, Pineville, N.C., announces the availability of two Italian-made crane lines now being imported to the United States. “The Ormig pick-and-carry cranes and Kegiom mini crawler cranes are extremely versatile and excel where size and maneuverability are a concern,” says McGillewie.

Ormig pick and carry cranes have lifting capacities from 5.5 to 60 tons and are powered by either diesel engines, electric motor, or a combination of diesel and electric power. Appropriate for both indoor and outdoor applications, Ormig cranes do not require the use of outriggers in order to lift and move the full rated load capacity of the crane. According to McGillewie, this is the crane’s stand-out feature. “There are no competitive models available in the United States that are truly capable of being able to pick up their full rated load without the use of stabilizers or outriggers,” he says.

Kegiom mini crawler cranes range in capacity from 3,300 pounds to 11,000 pounds. The largest model has a maximum hook height of 52 feet. Compact in size, models are available that will fit through single doorways, double doorways, and on elevators. The cranes are powered by diesel engines, electric motor, or a combination of diesel and electric power, making them appropriate for both indoor and outdoor applications. They can also be remote controlled. Additionally, an electric pick-and-carry crane, rated at 2,600 pounds, is available.

Potential users for both crane lines include crane rental, rigging, construction, and industrial contractors. Products are currently stocked, and McGillewie, who has 30 years prior experience in importing and manufacturing construction equipment, will offer parts, service, and training from the company’s North Carolina location.

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