16/11/2012 - 04:00 am

Asset Management Company Introduces Low-Cost Fuel Tracking System

OEM DD, world leader in the development of asset tracking systems for companies with multiple jobsites, has introduced the industry’s first low-cost electronic tracking technology for fuel distributed by portable storage tanks and transfer tanks. These tanks are the fuel lifelines for the vast majority of U.S. construction sites, also aggregate mining, waste management and fleet operations.

The OEM DD MiniPOD Fuel enables contractors and fleet managers who distribute fuel from pick-up bed transfer tanks, fuel cubes, bulk tanks and remote tanks to gain real-time control over how fuel is dispensed and accounted for.

MiniPOD Fuel is a small, rugged, wireless system that collects fuel use information using OEM’s proprietary Drive-By Capture Technology. A fuel tank outfitted with a MiniPOD Fuel identifies the machine being fueled and captures the gallons distributed, as well as the hour meter information and location of piece of equipment fueled. It stamps the latitude and longitude of the location into the record, wirelessly and automatically. The system uses a single cellular connection for up to 50 individual pieces of machinery fueled. 

The MiniPOD Fuel transmits data via cellular connection back to the OEM Data Vault, then seamlessly onto any back office system where it can be accessed via email or on a secure website.   

MiniPOD Fuel can be installed on any tank, typically in under an hour, and can be configured to transmit data on the schedule that best suits the individual user. Fuel is a critical asset to any operation, and having the ability to control it in real-time gives management a significant advantage on both sides of every job. First, because it is a way to do “no-fudge-factor” job costing, and because it is a tool for precise post-project accounting. 

MiniPOD Fuel is powered by the host equipment and has a radio distance of 100 yards, line of sight. Like all OEM DD equipment, it was engineered for a long service life in the harshest weather conditions. Operating temperature is -40 to +70 deg. C. It has an IP65 seal. 

MiniPOD Fuel is the latest development in data tracking and collection from OEM DD. It replaces paperwork, inefficient data collection and the inevitable inaccuracies of pencil and paper with lean, automatic, precise data management. In addition, it puts an end to fuel-related conflicts between your equipment group and operations.

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