21/12/2021 - 11:46 am

Ausa launches five year growth plan

Ausa, the global manufacturer of compact all-terrain industrial vehicles, has signed a sale agreement for the Excelway range with Madvac, the Canadian manufacturer of compact multi-purpose chassis and vehicles and with Kaoussis, Greece’s leading manufacturer of waste management equipment. AUSA road maintenance and cleaning vehicles were marketed under the Excelway brandname, but now Ausa will be focussing on developing its industrial machinery business to pursue the company’s strategic plan for expansion.

Ramon Carbonell, CEO of Ausa said, “In 2022, Ausa will begin a major plan for international expansion with the aim of doubling its turnover within five years. We will achieve this objective by focussing on our range of industrial vehicles, which have been the core of our business since it was established. With the Excelway range, we have developed in-depth technological expertise, which we are leveraging to enhance all our products. After a long process, which we initiated during 2020, we believe that the proposals from Madvac and Kaoussis were the best way to ensure that the Excelway product range can begin a new phase of development and meet the current demand.”

Ausa’s new strategic plan includes major expansion in North America, the Asia-Pacific region and Central Europe – regions where the manufacturer is already present and where it intends to increase its market penetration. To rise to the challenge of this major international expansion, Ausa has invested €12 million in renovating its models in the period from 2016 to 2020, and the company is planning similar investments to update its catalogue of more compact models in
coming years.

“We have the best and most varied range of industrial products in our company’s history. We offer efficient, tough and safe machines which meet the needs of our customers worldwide. Sales of machines in our industrial range have risen by over 80% since 2016 and, along with the investments which we have made to improve our facilities – which
have a production capacity of 10,000 vehicles per year – plus our great staff, we are convinced that this is the best time to focus our business and venture strongly into these markets,” Carbonell concluded.

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