28/01/2017 - 13:41 pm

Battery for Europe with higher capacity and cycle times

US Battery Manufacturing continues to optimise its product line with the introduction of its new US 100DIN XC2, 6V battery. US Battery says that the US 100DIN XC2 can reach higher initial rated capacity and faster cycle up time to full-rated capacity than any other battery in its price range.

This DIN GC2 group size battery measures 244mm (9-5/8in)L x 191mm (7-1/2in)W x 276mm (10-7/8in)H and has been designed to fit a wide range of equipment applications specifically found within the European market. With a 247 amp-hour rating at a 20-hour rate and a run- time of 204 minutes at a 56-amp draw, the US 100DIN XC2 is designed to keep vehicles running longer. With proper maintenance, this battery can also provide longer service life, and lower annual operating costs.

The US 100DIN XC2 comes in a heat-sealed, heavy-duty, blue polypropylene case and weighs 28kg (61lb). It comes with standard bayonet vent caps and is also available with the company’s SpeedCap as an added option. Both vent cap options are flame retardant. The new design also allows for the use of single point watering, a feature believed to be unique in this size range. Additionally, lifting brackets have been added for ease of installation and removal. The standard terminal configuration features a robust SAE post. Built with US Battery's XC2TM Formula and Diamond Plate Technology.

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