05/04/2006 - 05:00 am

Bil-Jax Retractable Axle System in Action

Announced in late 2005, Bil-Jax, Inc., Archbold, Ohio, has developed an optional retractable axle system for its new Summit Series trailer-mounted boom lifts, allowing select towable aerials to retract to a 34-inch width and pass through single doorways and most fence gates. As shown in the video, the optional retractable axle system features a patent-pending dual mechanical interlock system that deters against retracting the axles while the trailer is hitched to a towing vehicle and physically blocks the opening of the trailer hitch to discourage vehicles from coupling to the trailer while the axles are in the retracted position. The system also includes a secondary interlocking system, preventing axle retraction during towing.

Axle extend and retract functions can be accomplished in less than 60 seconds, and these are actuated hydraulically when the machine's tires are raised off the ground by the outriggers. All Summit Series models equipped with the retractable axle will also feature a quick-disconnect system, allowing easy removal of the platform so it can pass through single doorways and fence gates. The platform can then be quickly re-attached to the machine after both items pass through the restricted opening.

For more information, see the original report on industrialliftandhoist.com.

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