31/05/2011 - 04:00 am

BLP Adds Portable Test Bed

Bishop Lifting Products (BLP), Houston, Texas, which is a 2011 Event Partner for Crane & Rigging Conference and Industrial Crane & Hoist Conference, announces the addition of a 150,000-pound portable proof test truck to its fleet of testing equipment. The portable test bed allows the company to perform on-site proof testing, repair, and RFID tagging services at the customer’s location, reducing downtime and costs for the customer.

The 20-foot long bed is designed to test all types of slings (Twin-Path®, wire rope, synthetic, metal mesh, roundslings, alloy chain, and high performance), rigging hardware, oilfield tools, crane and snatch blocks. The test bed is also equipped with a mechanical wire rope gripper for testing winch lines, raising lines, and pendant lines. It can also be used on the deck of marine vessels if needed.

For more information about CRC and ICHC, go to www.reachexpo2011.com.

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