05/02/2023 - 15:05 pm

Bluewater Battery Logistics and OneCharge announce a strategic partnership

OneCharge Inc and Bluewater Battery Logistics have entered into a strategic partnership to recycle and repurpose advanced lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries at the end of useful life.

Lithium forklift batteries provide an efficient and economically viable alternative to older lead-acid batteries. Lithium technology also enables the switch to electric power from propane and diesel engines in power-hungry applications where companies could not electrify their fleets with lead-acid batteries being limited by capacity and indoor-only requirements.

The proliferation of lithium batteries requires safe and environmentally friendly recycling and re-purposing, especially as we expect the influx of end-of-life used lithium batteries. Forklift lithium batteries can be repurposed for less demanding applications, such as energy storage in solar power generation systems

With this new partnership, OneCharge offers its customers the most sustainable and responsible way to utilize their end-of-life batteries and capitalize on the advanced lithium technology to reduce waste and improve the sustainability of their operations.

“Bluewater Batteries Logistics is proud to partner with OneCharge, Inc.,” said Ben Firestone, CEO of Bluewater Batteries Logistics. “The share of Li-ion power supply in the forklift industry is growing at a rapid rate and even though Li-ion battery packs last times longer than lead-acid, we anticipate large numbers of end-of-life batteries accumulate in the coming years. With lithium technology, it is possible not only to recycle but in many cases to repurpose these batteries and dramatically reduce waste.”

“We’re happy to partner with Bluewater Battery Logistics, an innovative and dynamic company that shares our drive for cleaner and more sustainable materials handling operations. Repurposing lithium batteries before recycling allows us to extract more value from every battery cell, and reduce waste. OneCharge customers can rely on us for the most sustainable and innovative disposal process,” said Tim Karimov, President of OneCharge.

ESG requirements for materials handling operations are becoming more important for all companies as the world faces climate change and the issues of the ongoing energy transition.

Lithium battery technology allows OneCharge customers to reduce energy use and carbon footprint, as well as reduce waste through prolonged battery life and repurposing of cells before recycling. Renewable energy generation facilities can grow faster with a decreased cost of energy storage units built with repurposed lithium battery packs.

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