21/12/2021 - 11:28 am

Bonfiglioli shares benefits of record result in 2021

The Bonfiglioli Group achieved €1 billion in sales in December 2021.

To celebrate this corporate achievement at a time still economically marked by the pandemic, the Group has decided to donate €2 million to support three initiatives that focus on people, solidarity and sustainability, in line with the spirit and values that have guide the Group’s projects and decisions.

Putting people at the centre, all Group employees will receive a special prize in January.

The Bonfiglioli forest will be established with 4500 trees providing the planet with oxygen. Each Bonfiglioli branch/location will receive a certain number of trees, which can be followed online through Treedom, the platform committed to preserving the environment and its ecosystem.

Children and young people have always been at the centre of the Bonfiglioli Group’s focus because they represent the future. In this spirit, a donation will be made to Save the Children, which has been working for years to help children in difficulty around the world.

Sonia Bonfiglioli, chairman of the Group, said, “We are proud of this achievement, which is the result of the constant and daily work of more than 4000 people all over the world, and to them goes the credit and gratitude. When my father founded Bonfiglioli 65 years ago, I don’t think he could have imagined how far we would have come and the changes we have made over the years. However, with this satisfaction in our hearts, we are ready to face new challenges, because we are facing unpredictable and complex situations.”

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