18/03/2021 - 13:20 pm

Bonfiglioni acquires Sampingranaggi

Bonfiglioli S.p.A, global leader in the design and product of geared and electric motors, industrial and electronic control, drive and automation systems, has acquired Sampingranaggi from Bentivoglio (BO) at auction in Bologna. The purchase was completed on 12 March 2021 for just over €7m.

Sampingranaggi manufactures high quality and accurate gears and gearboxes, for industries including aerospace, robotics and textile machinery.

The acquisition includes the assets of the Italian and Chinese Sampingranaggi companies, their respective warehouses, the Sampingranaggi brand, patents, designs and products for robotics, as well as all their staff. Sampingranaggi’s 2020 turnover was €21m, of which €15m was in Italy and €6m in China. The move allows Bonfiglioli S.p.A. to enhance its production specialisation and access the robotics market in both these territories.  

Agreements were integrated into the purchase to safeguard the production continuity of Sampingranaggi and the people who work there, currently about 80 employees.

Bonfiglioli Chairwoman Sonia Bonfiglioli said: “I like to think that if Sampingranaggi had not been there in the post-war period, Bonfiglioli would not exist today. It all began there in 1948, when a young technical graduate started a journey of work and experience that led him to set up his first business.  Beyond this sentimental reunion and integration of our products, my first thought goes to the women and men of this company who now become an important part of Bonfiglioli. Their skills, knowledge and experience are the great heritage of Sampingranaggi, and today become part of the great Bonfiglioli family. My warmest welcome goes to them.”

Bonfigioli CEO, Fausto Carboni said: This acquisition represents  a great opportunity. From an industrial point of view, it offers us the possibility to integrate some strategic component productions, including bevel gears, while in terms of business development it allows us to enter the robotic gearbox market, where there is ample room for growth in future, both in Italy and in China.”

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