14/06/2006 - 05:00 am

Boom length and outrigger design move Tadano 20-ton boom truck into the fast lane

Introduced at the company's second annual dealer meeting, Tadano America Corporation's newest boom truck model, the TM20110, has found favor with the Houston company's dealers. They like it not only because of what they described as its smooth operations, but because of two key features: its boom length and outrigger system.

In designing the crane for the 20-ton class, Tadano wanted to have the longest hydraulic length to eliminate the need to swing a jib and pin it into place, says Bryan Dammann, Tadano America Corporation's Sales Manager for North America in the Boom Truck Division.

“With its full hydraulic boom, we are a little longer than cranes in that same tonnage that need to get that length using pin-on jibs,” he says.

Although not designed for a specific construction sector, Tadano believes the boom truck will have a strong draw for jobs in markets such as road and bridge construction or home construction. The dealers said they saw opportunities for it in several industries. Tadano has designed it with three outrigger spans and a chart for each.

“We have usable capacities with minimal or no outrigger span • in other words, straight down. The advantage is that the vehicle only occupies the traffic lane it's located in. The operator will still have to cone it, but won't have to block two lanes or more.” And, the operator will still have the capacity to handle a pick several feet away from the truck bed. In the case of home construction, the boom truck can work from the street rather than from the house lot itself.

A new mid-size introduction for Tadano in both capacity and boom length, the crane is built on the platform of its 18-ton predecessor, the TM1882. The difference, of course, is the boom configuration. This one is a five-section fully-hydraulic, cable-crowded unit. The boom reaches 110 feet horizontal. “This is the longest fully hydraulic boom in the 20-ton class,” says Dammann.

“Impressive” is how Mark Varricchione, Product Manager for Wood's CRW in Worchester, Mass., describes the TM20110, which he operated at the sales meeting via both hand-held remote and stand-up controls. “Overall it was a smooth-operating machine,” he says.

What impresses Varricchione the most about the Tadano unit is the radio remote control. “It's a very small, hand-held device, and the operating controls transition smoothly when engaging functions and the throttle.”

He says Woods, for whom Tadano is a relatively new line, plans to bring the boom truck model into its inventory. One market targeted for sales of the unit is the roofing industry. Another, Varricchione says, would be the tree service sector. “Our tree service customers would have a field day with this crane, in terms of its boom length and tip height.”

According to Tadano, its boom trucks are designed for higher capacity, mobility and versatility; they feature the shortest retracted length in the industry (only 18.4' with the TM1882), minimal boom overhang, self-aligning pentagonal-shaped booms, exceptional reach and stronger shear plate mounting. Tadano's boom cranes also have dual operator and control stations.

Safety features include an anti-two-block with an alarm; a hook safety latch; a level gauge; hydraulic safety valves, check valves and holding valves; over load shutoff with load indicator; load/boom angle indication, audible warning, and external warning lamps.

The TM20110's boom's extension speed is 82.7' in 110 seconds, for the 110 ft. and it is elevated by a double acting hydraulic cylinder at a speed of -5 degrees to +80 degrees in 26 seconds. The winch is hydraulic motor driven, and planetary gear speed reduction is provided with automatic brake. Single line pull is 72,000 pounds.; single line speed is 280 fpm on the third layer.

The crane's swing is hydraulic motor driven, and its swing speed is 375 degrees in 38 seconds. Outriggers include hydraulically extended sliders and hydraulically extended jacks which are integral with the crane frame.

Equipped with a hydraulic motor for winch and swing, the unit has multiple control valves with an integral safety valve, a three-section gear pump, a removable boom rest.

Optional equipment includes hook blocks of 40,000 lbs., 28,000 lbs., and 14,000 lbs. capacity; front stabilizer; radio remote controls; continuous 360-degree fill circle swing; and boom angle alarm.

For product information, go to www.tadanoamerica.com.

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