04/10/2006 - 05:00 am

Bronto Skylift Unveils the World’s Tallest Aerial Lift

Bronto Skylift, Tampere, Finland, introduced the 325-foot-tall Model F-101 HLA truck-mounted aerial, the world's tallest aerial lift. Although the first unit is being produced for firefighting purposes, an industrial version for the alternative energy, utility, and construction industries will be launched in spring 2007.

The Model S 101 HLA, the industrial version, will also offer 325 feet of platform height, more than 108 feet of maximum outreach, and a working reach below ground level of 36 feet. The maximum platform capacity will be 970 pounds.

Depending on the chassis selected, the Model S 101 HLA will have a transport height of 12 feet, transport length of 54 feet, and a transport width of 8 feet. Typical gross vehicle weight with the chassis will be 136,000 pounds.

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