08/04/2011 - 04:00 am

Bushman AvonTec Launches Coil/Pallet Lifter

Bushman AvonTec, Milwaukee, Wis., has launched a new motorized coil/pallet lifter that can lift both eye-horizontal coils and palletized vertical coils. The unit has fork assemblies to lift pallets and coil lifting saddles for lifting horizontal coils. The forks and lifting pads are motorized to permit changeover on-the-fly or when used with a cab-operated crane. When lifting coils on pallets, a set of motorized coil restrictors lowers to prevent tall coils from shifting on the pallet. Sensors detect when either type of load is lifted to prevent accidental opening of the legs while carrying a coil. Other sensors and indicator lights aid the operator in aligning the lifter with the coil or pallet. Numerous coil protection features are also included. The unit pictured has the motor control enclosure attached to the grab. This enclosure can also be mounted on the crane.

Capacity for palletized coils is 33,000 pounds, and up to 100,000 pounds for eye-horizontal coils.

Milwaukee-based Bushman AvonTec designs and manufactures material handling equipment in three product segments: below-the-hook lifting attachments for cranes, including C-hooks, coil grabs, spreader beams, sheet and plate lifters, lifting tongs and more; floor-based equipment such as scissor lift tables, upenders, inverters, mold and die carts, and transfer cars; and slit coil packaging lines for metals processing facilities.

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