10/12/2021 - 15:33 pm

Business launch of Liftket UK

All the arrangements and basic requirements have been met to successfully launch the business of Liftket UK Ltd. The new company location in Ellesmere Port is being realised.

In addition to an office wing, there is enough storage and workshop space to enable the company to stock and assemble both Liftket and Chainmaster hoists and spare parts. This means that Liftket UK will be able to deliver much faster in the future than it has been up to now.

New team member, Barry Williams will be in charge of the operative business as general manager and in the sales area alongside director John Jones. Both Williams and Jones have extensive knowledge of the hoist markets. The business is also looking to recruit further.

With Liftket and Chainmaster products Liftket UK is able to offer two strong brands in the UK and Ireland to meet the customised and standard requirements in the industrial and stage sectors. The company is looking forward to a successful start at its new location.

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