23/07/2014 - 21:24 pm

C-Tech Industries Redesigns Genie Joystick | Industry News

C-Tech Industries LLC has developed a redesigned Genie Hall-effect joystick. The Hall-effect style joystick features a non-contact Hall Effect circuit board.  The joystick is redesigned on a more robust and proven mechanical platform with a lower parts count for improved reliability.  The outputs are controlled via a programmable micro-controller that allows for a repeated and predictable output in any and all positions. 

The C-Tech Genie Hall Effect joystick features are transparent to the customer.  Other than the larger protective casting, the customer will not visibly see a difference in the product; the features just help the joystick work better.

C-Tech is offering a one-year warranty on the Genie Hall-effect joystick, available in both single and dual axis with or without the cable.

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