23/03/2020 - 14:45 pm

Caldwell continues to operate as an essential business

Lifting specialist The Caldwell Group has announced that it will continue operation and supporting its customers during the COVID-19 outbreak.

On Friday the Governor of Illinois, USA, issued an executive order that included a “shelter in place” – a notice to all residents and for “non-essential” Illinois businesses to close until 7 April.

Based on the State of Illinois definition of “essential business,” Caldwell qualifies in that it manufactures products for industries deemed essential by the government. Therefore, the company is continuing full operations with very little disruption. Meeting the commitments it has already given its customers is still the number one priority.

As it relates to sales efforts, the Customer Service and Applications team are equipped to work remotely, resulting in the ability for Caldwell to provide the same high level of customer support.

The same phone numbers and e-mail addresses for usual points of contact at the factory are in operation.

For any questions or concerns over existing orders, contact anyone on the sales team or use the general Sales e-mail address, contact@caldwellinc.com.

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