31/01/2012 - 04:00 am

Camoplast Solideal Says New Industrial Forklift Tire Will Last 30% Longer

Camoplast Solideal, Charlotte, N.C., has rolled out a new solid-rubber tire it says will live up to 30 percent longer than other solid-rubber tires and cut vibration by 50 percent on industrial forklifts.

Camoplast Solideal has designed the new tire, named the Xtreme, to be its new flagship super-premium product, said product manager Darren Stratton.

Even though the Xtreme is a premium product, says Stratton, Camoplast Solideal expects it will provide the lowest overall cost of ownership through better performance and 30 percent longer life, especially in demanding applications like three-shift operation and long runs with high loads.

The Xtreme tire’s other benefits include 20 percent more lateral stability, 10 percent less resistance to rolling, 10 percent better ground contact pressure, and 50 percent less vibration. The result says Stratton is better performance, a more comfortable ride, less heat build-up, better maneuverability, more uniform wear, lower energy consumption, and lower overall cost.

Much of the improvement comes from a re-engineered tread that reduces vibration, improves ground contact. Over its life, the new tread design wears evenly, without cupping, to maintain lower vibration performance. The tire also now includes a wear indicator, and even has the size on the tread surface for easier identification in the warehouse.

Camoplast Solideal will display the new Xtreme tire in booth 2425 at the Modex trade show in Atlanta, Ga., Feb. 6-9, 2012.

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