25/06/2012 - 04:00 am

Caster Connection Launches Customer-Focused Website

Caster Connection, a manufacturer of casters and a master distributor of national brand casters, wheels, and hand trucks, has revamped its Caster Connection website. The more customer-friendly website was designed to better serve current and prospective customers.

"The improvements to our website will make CasterConnection.com a one-stop resource for everything casters. We continue to solicit customer feedback with our website and in all other areas to continuously improve and earn loyal customers", says Jeremy King, Caster Connection's marketing manager.

Key features of the website include improved product search capability, a "caster resource guide," case studies, and more. All of these components will work to establish www.CasterConnection.com as one of the elite websites in the caster industry.

Perhaps the most interesting new feature will be the new blog capability of the website which will feature topics such as advice on caster usage, Caster Connection's customer service philosophy, new product information, business and marketing tips, and anything else that prompts conversation with customers.

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