28/10/2011 - 04:00 am

Cat Lift Trucks Offers Electric Lift Truck Resources

Cat Lift Trucks, Houston, has released new resources focusing on the benefits of electric lift trucks, including a terminology guide and a white paper that outlines the advantages of electric alternating current (AC) compared with internal combustion (IC) lift truck technology.

The white paper, "Choosing Electric Lift Trucks over Internal Combustion," explains the benefits of electric lift trucks and provides a benefits comparison chart of gas, diesel and electric technologies. 

"We want to help our customers make the best-informed and most cost-effective decision when choosing a lift truck for their specific application," said Carl Modesette, product marketing specialist for Cat Lift Trucks. “Oftentimes, electric lift trucks may seem more expensive due to the initial upfront costs, but in reality, they are becoming an economical solution for a growing number of our customers.” 

Additionally, Cat Lift Trucks has released the "Power Redefined Dictionary," a guide to help users understand frequently-used electric forklift terminology, as well as a Lift Truck Cost Comparison Tool that helps customers evaluate the cost savings between AC and IC lift trucks.

All of the resources are available at www.savewithelectrics.com.

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