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Cat Lift Trucks’ Tier 4 Final Diesel Pneumatic Tire Lift Trucks | Construction News

Cat Lift Trucks, has a new series of 8,000-12,000 lb. capacity diesel pneumatic tire lift trucks. Designed to meet the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Tier 4 Final emissions standards, the DP40N1-DP55N1 Series features a new diesel engine that provides a 21.6% increase in fuel efficiency in addition to increased performance, reduced emissions levels and a lower total cost of ownership.

“We’re committed to providing our customers with top-performing and reliable lift truck solutions,” said Kent Eudy, executive vice president of sales and marketing at Cat Lift Trucks. “This new diesel pneumatic tire lift truck series is designed to do just that, while also taking into consideration our customer’s high expectations for increased productivity and performance as well as their business’ demand for a lower overall operating cost.”

Energy efficiency and Tier 4 Final compliance were important components to the redesign of the DP40N1-DP55N1 Series. These new diesel lift trucks also offer customers a range of features and benefits, including:

  • Increased Energy Efficiency and Performance. The diesel particulate filter (DPF) on the new DP40N1-DP55N1 will automatically regenerate. This takes place during normal operation, so there is no work cycle interruption, even at low engine speeds. In addition to the 90% reduction in particulate matter and the nearly 50% reduction of NOx, the diesel-powered engine also features an improvement in fuel consumption – up to 21.6%.
  • Maintenance-Free Emissions System. Equipped with a Perkins 854F engine, this class leading engine operates without requiring any ash service. The engine also features low-noise levels, which helps reduce operator fatigue.
  • Tier 4 Final Compliance. Tier 4 Final is the final level of the current regulatory schedule on diesel exhaust as implemented by the EPA to govern diesel particulate and NOx emissions. To meet these regulations, advanced technologies have been incorporated into the new Perkins 845F engines in the DP40N1-DP55N1 Series to lower the amount of Particulate Matter or “soot” that is released into the environment. In addition to exceeding the Tier 4 Final emissions requirements, the new engine also enhances the overall lift truck performance. 

In addition, Cat Lift Trucks has released a new guide for customers, titled “Navigating The Emissions Environment,” which answers many of the frequently asked questions proposed by diesel lift truck owners today.

“For businesses currently operating diesel powered vehicles, the new Tier 4 Final emissions standards may seem daunting,” said Eudy. “But, we have worked hard to make sure that our customer’s decision to purchase, operate and service a new diesel powered lift truck is an easy one. Cat Lift Trucks new Tier 4 emissions guide is intended to help our customers make the most informed decision when choosing the right lift truck for their particular operation.”

This 8,000-12,000 lb. capacity diesel lift truck series is the first Cat lift truck product to feature a new Tier 4 Final engine, with several additional products to be offered throughout 2013 and 2014.

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