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CeMAT 2014 Slogan: Smart – Integrated – Efficient

The next CeMAT will take place in Hannover, Germany from May 19 to 23, 2014, with the slogan Smart – Integrated – Efficient.

“Intralogistics is an enabler of efficient logistics processes and in this role has increasingly put the focus on state-of-the-art information and communication technologies,” reports Dr. Andreas Gruchow, member of the managing board at Deutsche Messe AG. “The sector is also an important driver of Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things,” he added. These two concepts relate to the merging of the physical world and the virtual world of the Internet. This networking helps to make the movement of materials and parts transparent, thereby providing a foundation for the dynamic management of logistics processes.  

“As a leading trade fair, CeMAT offers the industry a platform that is internationally unique. This is where all the major intralogistics trends are presented and discussed. Indeed, the increase in digitization will be much in evidence at CeMAT 2014. ‘Smart – Integrated – Efficient’ describes the intelligent management of integrated logistics chains across the entire value-added process and reflects the trend towards an increasingly networked world,” explains Gruchow.   

“This demands secure, dependable technology: complete systems and intralogistics products, as well as processors, operating elements, software, control systems and much more,” adds Dr. Christoph Beumer, chairman of the CeMAT steering committee and CEO at BEUMER Group GmbH & Co. KG. Convinced that the market offers huge potential, Beumer emphasized: “To a growing extent, intralogistics is all about software and processes. What’s more, we are seeing the rapid introduction of innovations in these areas. This is one reason why we welcome CeMAT’s transition to a two-year cycle, as this always allows us to present these innovations to an international audience within a narrow time frame.”  

International growth
CeMAT 2014 hosts international exhibitors that will showcase their products on a gross exhibition floor area of around 160,000 square meters, which breaks down into five categories of technology: Move & Lift, Store & Load, Pick & Pack, Logistics IT and Manage & Service.  The displays will include extensive national group presentations from Italy, France, the UK, Netherlands, Sweden and Spain, thus giving European manufacturers the opportunity to profile their intralogistics competence alongside German companies. Moreover, CeMAT is attracting significantly more attention from the BRIC nations and the USA.

“Our international strategy is proving successful, and our CeMAT events abroad are strengthening CeMAT in Hannover. All in all, in May next year the world’s leading fair for intralogistics will again provide the industry with an international platform offering business contacts from all over the world,” reports Gruchow.   

transport logistic@CeMAT
Following the successful start to cooperation between CeMAT and transport logistic in Munich, the partnership is set to continue in Hannover next year. A group presentation in Hall 27 will give logistics service providers the opportunity to present their products and services to an international industry audience. “For the first time, we will be depicting the entire logistics value-added chain at CeMAT, which will be an attractive bonus for our visitors,” noted Gruchow. Located within the display category Manage & Service, transport logistic@CeMAT will be in close proximity to the areas of finance and logistics properties/locations.   

Further expansion of port logistics
The focus on port logistics will be strengthened at CeMAT next year. Innovative technologies and more powerful management software play an important role in enabling seaports and inland terminals to handle the growing volume of goods and materials. To supplement the port logistics display category, Deutsche Messe AG will furthermore stage a Port Forum as part of CeMAT. “Once a year, this format attracts experts from the port sector to various locations to discuss the current challenges facing the industry,” remarked Gruchow.   

Special display of innovative logistics solutions
A new special display entitled “Innovative Logistics Solutions” puts the focus on complex logistics processes in a production environment. Live demonstrations will depict the complete flow of material and information. The logistics chain will be broken down into five areas. The transport logistics stage will examine the logistics chain based on the example of the shipment of a container. Goods delivery and unloading equipment will focus on goods identification and automated pallet unloading. The handling equipment stage will demonstrate how innovative warehouse technology can be used to position goods quickly, flexibly and efficiently. This will be followed by picking and packing of small parts as well as loading equipment.   

CeMAT forums serve to enhance the displays
Working with various partners, Deutsche Messe AG will stage three forums on key industry topics at CeMAT 2014. The forum in Hall 27 will focus primarily on port and transport logistics as well as special requirements for the chemical industry. A second forum in Hall 13 will be all about the retail sector and warehousing, while the third forum in Hall 12 puts the spotlight on logistics IT and production logistics plus education and training.

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