23/02/2015 - 16:02 pm

Charging up

Delta-Q Technologies, a leading provider of power management and power conversion solutions, has launched two new products for the aftermarket aerial work platform and utilities markets.

The IC650 Industrial Battery Charger is configured as a drop-in replacement for Skyjack and Genie scissor lifts and the QuiQ 1500 is a higher power version of the QuiQ 1000 that is found in many existing electric vehicles and industrial machines.

Delta-Q says that original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) choose the IC650 charger because of its durability for on-board applications. When mounted on-board, the sealed IC650 can tolerate vibration, shock, dirt and fluids. For rental operators, that equates to machines being ready to go, lower charger replacement costs, and customer satisfaction with machine run time. Each charger comes with identical cabling to the OEM charger and a mounting adapter, allowing ease of installation and configuration for maintenance staff.  Prices for the IC650 will be competitive with existing aftermarket options.

The QuiQ 1500 allows users to charge existing battery packs up to 30% faster than the QuiQ 1000 or equip machines with a bigger pack, meeting a 5 or 8 hour charging time. The QuiQ 1500 is compact and matches the exact dimensions and mounting holes of the existing QuiQ 1000, allowing swift replacement of any existing QuiQ charger. In addition, it can be used as an additional, off-board charger to charge battery packs faster.

Every Delta-Q charger provides users with flexibility and performance for charging lead acid batteries. Delta-Q chargers come equipped with charging profiles for popular brands and models of batteries, including Discover Energy, Fullriver, Interstate, Trojan and U.S. Battery. The company also provides generic profiles for different battery types and Amp hour ranges.

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